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this is the cutest

Should I start talking about Paul's proud face or Harry's jawline or niall's cuteness ?<< HARRYS JAWLINE PLEASE>> or what about the lady in the back going "Oh thank you sweet Jesus. My babies won." Or Rihanna in the front there lookin positively T.

I got Niall Horan! Can We Guess Who Your Favorite One Direction Member Is? got it right! You got: Niall Horan He’s the most adorable of the bunch. Much like your favorite stuffed animal, you would like to cuddle with Niall while he keeps you safe and warm. Unlike your favorite stuffed animal, you totally wanna make out with him too. There’s no resisting this Irish song bird.

Everybody and their grandmother is familiar with One Direction. I am not gonna lie, I really thought was a flash in the pan, one hit wonder type of group when they came on the scene with their first big single "What Makes You Beautiful.

And exist. | 39 Totally Legit Struggles Of Being A One Direction Fangirl

Now look at that gif and tell me you did not have to smile at His Cupcakeness. :) 39 Totally Legit Struggles Of Being A One Direction Fangirl *click the pic* These are so true

My future husband is acoording to the quiz is Niall James Horan ❤️

I got: Harry Styles! Which One Direction member is your future husband? hes my favorite and i got him im soo happy. get this his b-day is the same as mine cool right