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Imagine your boyfriend J-hope waiting for you at a near by park to surprise you and getting bored while waiting

Jang HyunSeung

Jang HyunSeung


Zhang Yixing playing a piano~ he looks so freaking beautiful~ i wouldn't mind hearing his self composed songs~ I LOVE YOU LAY~ you are so darn perfect~


VIXX 's Leo ☆ Ice cream , ice cream , I wanna lick your ice cream xDD

You know, I'm not gonna lie, I used to think Leo was really unattractive... WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?! he's beautiful and perfect and that voice and body mmmm. <3

Excellent example of really good Leo hair. I feel like he has an odd head shape that proper hair volume balances out.

VIXX - Leo x First Global Photobook: Hello Stranger! cr.beansparkle - Oh my god he looks so good o.o

VIXX - Leo x First Global Photobook: Hello Stranger!beansparkle - Oh my goodness he looks so good o.

Leo being all adorable n stuff

*smh* the most expressive yet unexpessive person there is. he is not at Kristen Stewart& level though XD LOL still gotta love Leo