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Be mindful of what you say to children. Harsh criticism, careless words, and unfair judgments all damage children to a far greater degree than most adults realize. I cringe whenever I heard parents called their kids stupid.

Praise hard work, ignore grades and NEVER tell them they're clever: Super-tutor who has taught royalty reveals how to get children 'addicted' to learning

Super-tutor reveals how to get children 'addicted' to learning

raising a smart child

Someone shared an interesting infographic with me recently about how to raise smart kids. I wanted to post it here not because I believe there is a “formula” for turning kids into geniu…

Parenting Secret Mission – Let Them Overhear

Parenting Secret Missions - good ideas to try just one thing each day to be a better parent.

I always take at least a few minutes every morning for snuggles :) Parenting Secret Mission – Morning Snuggles