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Photos: David Beckham’s GQ Cover Shoot | GQ

in a TOM FORD O'Connor Shadow Prince of Wales Suit, shirt, knit tie, and pocket square inside the April issue of

French 75 Champagne Cocktail

French 75 – An Elegant Champagne Cocktail for New Years Eve - made these last year and man was the next day ever rough! These are delicious but dangerous!

David Gandy Blog - LC:M And Other Adventures I'd like to share some recent discoveries | British Vogue

It's Sunday Man-day again, and our tip is about the blue suit or blazer. When men think about colors, its either black or grey, and that is not true, blue is one of the colors that most suits t.

Leonardo DiCaprio

I love any movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio. He is my favorite actor and my favorite characters he has played are Jack Dawson in "Titanic" and Jay Gatsby in "The Great Gatsby.

Hiroyasu Kayama | The Forest Cocktail

We introduce you to Hiroyasu Kayama of Ben Fiddich, a mixology magician straight out of Tokyo. He is the greatest bartender of Japan.

Hiroyasu Kayama | Fresh Campari Cocktail

The greatest bartender of Japan, Hiroyasu Kayama of Ben Fiddich, is a mixology magician straight out of Tokyo. Watch the master at work on a Fresh Campari Co.