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Sabudana Chilla
If you like sabudana vada, you will love this Sabudana Chilla! It’s got the same flavours but in an interesting & scrumptious preparation. One of my go-to breakfast options as it’s really easy to make & wholesome to eat😃 And gluten-free too! Give it a try & enjoy💫
Dosa Recipe | 7 Pro Tips South Indian Dosa Batter Recipe
dosa batter recipe | how to make a perfect dosa batter at home using a wet grinder with step by step photo and video recipes. south indian breakfast recipes are one of the essential recipes for most indians, if not to other countries. basically, the batter is prepared with the purpose of preparing a crisp dosa, but it is repurposed to prepare myriad other recipes. in other words, this recipe post tries to cover the life cycle of a dosa batter where a single dosa batter is used to make diffe