#Flan with #strawberries

Flan with Strawberries and Mint - Chef Without A Licence

Italian style Tomato Basil #Salad

Italian style Tomato Basil Salad - Chef Without A Licence

#Gluten Free Upside Down #Figs #Cake

Upside Down Cake w/ Fresh Figs - Chef Without A Licence

#Chocolate #Cake with Seabuckthorn #Recipe

Look at the above picture. Now, close your eyes for a few seconds and imagine the taste of velvety rich chocolate, fresh citrus notes and a dash of tangy sea buckthorn berries. You can Continue

#Summer menu for #seafood lovers

Summer menu for seafood lovers - Chef Without A Licence

Chunky Artichoke #Salsa with Broiled #Chicken

Chunky Artichoke Salsa with Broiled Chicken - Chef Without A Licence

Green Breeze #Figs #Smoothie

It's end of September and the very best harvest season is at hand. To enjoy that I created a fig smoothie of the season. Figs 1 Sellery stalk Apple piece of ginger Water & ice To make your smoothie a complete meal, add 2 tbsp of your favor.