My Scene Confession Booth

We confess whatever comes to our little minds ;))
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Nolee Harajuku: Hmm I really don't like to talk about anybody. My mother always said if you don't have anything nice 2 say cover ur mouth. The eyes say it all *giggles* At least mine do. ;)

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Bryant Park : Wait let me get my curls right ! How are you gonna do me like that I wasn't ready.

Hudson River: Somebody tell me why am I sitting in this confession booth w/a pink chair? Not feeling this why ? Look all I can say, I think Chelsea is losing some interest in me :(

Delancey Street: I love my cuzzie Chelz but I run our INSTAGRAM account that we share. ;)

Chelsea Piers: Okay this is what happens when I wash my hair. LoL 2 much work!! Embrace your curly hair ;)

My lil Mambo he loves my favorite hand bag that little stinker. He took over it, male dogs are so territorial.

Tyson Brown: Chelsea and I have been spending allot of quality time. I think she is getting really serious about our relationship. On to the next level :0) She blowing up my phone right now during confession. Love it !

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