Scandinavian deko

add lavender oil into a bucket full of charcoal that is hot and steamy.As soon as you do that the lavender scent will come out , it is very relaxy to do that way, better, and you will feel refreshed and sleep much better at night.


sauna like Russians- get sweaty, roll around in the snow, warm up again (supposedly good for immune system and invigorates metabolism )

Sauna ideas with stone wall. Nice use of indirect lighting.

10 inspiring designs for the perfect lakeside sauna – Cottage Life

thermal baths - bad ems - 4a - sauna

Gallery of The Thermal Baths in Bad Ems / 4a Architekten - 24

W Hotel by Concrete Architectural Associates, Verbier   Switzerland hotels and restaurants

花瓣网-Architectural Associates Verbier Switzerland 35 W Hotel by Concrete Architectural Associates, Verbier Switzerland

Kelosauna ja pallokiukaan tunnelmaa...  @ Asuntomessut Lappeenrannassa 2012

Sauna, made of dead standing tree, Habitation Fair, Lappeenranta Finland Kelosauna ja pallokiukaan tunnelmaa.

Atmospheric sauna

Jade Sauna helps manage stress and ailments that have become common in our everyday lives with the exposure to toxins in the air, water and food supply that wear down the mind and body overtime leaving us fatigued, stressed and in pain.