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🌊 Child Mermaid 🌊

🌊 Child Mermaid 🌊
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I am getting of this, but I have my reasons. Usually, everyone walks out of my life. I'm so thankful for my best friend Amy who has helped me change. Because of her, I have let my guard down and willing to give people chances I wouldn't have.

i fear people will walk out of my life as quickly as they entered, no matter how close we were. They come back but it's hard to forget the feeling of being left for someone better by a close friend.

Everyone thinks I'm really strong. I'm not as strong as they think I am. Only true friends know what I'm talking about

No one knows how weak I really am. No one sees me breakdown. No one is there when I fall on the floor, crying my eyes out because I'm finally alone and can let it out.

Bc I fail to ask for help & Ive trained everyone in my life that I don't need help bc I fail to ask for help and on & on the vicious cycle continues until you change the direction of the cycle

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