Definitely not on a bed, but in a seductive pose. You wouldn't see the details of her body, but you still focus on her body because her body is essentially all you can see. Also, without the bed setting ha.

Lust #CrazyGirlAfterDark @Ky Van Der Hoeff Erotica

What a description. You claim ownership of me every time we kiss my love!

haughtyspirit: “ a-littlereddevil: “ TRUTH! ” It is the connection between two lovers. It is the passion for each other. The desire to provide each other with as much pleasure as is humanly possible.

Soft Screams Magazine The ultimate Erotic Photography Magazine

ART Well done black and white shot. Made from the back, semi-nude model, lace falling around her lower arms, torso down to her knees, thin lace showing the form of her body. Very sensual and erotic.

Leather. Sexy. Posed on a chair. Strong.

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wicked-naughty-diva: “ Something about the hat I find so sexy.