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two waffles with fried eggs on them are sitting on a white table cloth
a woman reaching for a stack of pancakes with strawberries on the plate next to her
a white plate topped with waffles covered in berries
a stack of pancakes with blueberries and syrup on a wooden cutting board next to eggs
a stack of pancakes with raspberries and syrup being drizzled on top
pancakes, fruit and honey are served on plates with spoons next to the pancake
a stack of pancakes with blueberries and mint leaves on top sitting on a white plate
two plates with waffles and orange slices on them
three waffles with strawberries on top are sitting on a wire rack
four waffles topped with fried eggs on top of each other in white plates
a wooden cutting board topped with pancakes covered in caramel and pecans next to bowls of whipped cream
two plates with pancakes and berries on them next to silverware, forks and spoons
pancakes with berries and blueberries are on a plate next to bowls of yogurt
two plates with french toast and strawberries on them