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a cross stitch pattern with an image of a black cat and orange flowers on it
a cross - stitch kit with scissors and thread next to it on a black surface
[FO] Finally sat myself down and finished my first project! Couldn't be happier with the result! (Pattern from the "Lil Terrarium Collection" by Studio Ansitru)
the cross stitch bee is shown in three different colors and sizes, with instructions to make it
Biene Sticken A36
the cross stitch pattern shows different butterflies in various colors and sizes, as well as numbers
cross stitch fish chart with different colors and patterns for each one's own design
���� #83 - 11 - logopedd
a cross stitch pattern with the words kero and an image of a dragon on it
���� #2 - ������ ����������:����� - frango
three bees cross stitched together with the names of each species on it's back
���� #83 - ��������� - Mussen
a cross stitch pattern of a cat with a top hat and bow tie on it's head
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