Neula, Lankaa, 16kpl 20cm pillejä, 8kpl 15cm pillejä, 8kpl 7cm pillejä, 16kpl 1,5cm pillejä. (drinking straw/pipe-diy)

Let's update the old hanging lamp above the kitchen table by making this neato replacement!

Caleb Siemon

"Blown Glass Art" - I'm going to need a whole new folder for these - the colors and variety are AMAZING :::: Caleb Siemon & Carmen Salazar ~ blown glass designers

HIMMELI - BRANCH A himmeli garland painted matte black. Measures - 2.5m long x 13cm at widest point. Himmeli means Sky, Heaven… Many years ago himm...

HIMMELI - BRANCH A himmeli garland painted matte black. Measures - long x at widest point. Himmeli means Sky, Heaven? Many years ago himm.


La mariée aux pieds nus - DiY - Realiser un himmeli en laiton No idea what this says but looks like fun! Wonder where you get the gold straws? Guess you could do it with normal straws. Wire seems like a key thing though - otherwise tricky to "string".

Himmeli mobiles are hip and make super stylish party decor. Learn how to assemble octahedrons for your himmeli mobiles in this tutorial.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to decorate for a party. The modern looking mobile featured above is actually made from disposable plastic drinking straws! Inspired by the decor used in Swe…

Sarah Trumbauer often turns her work into wearable art. These elegant, nature-inspired necklaces feature tiny (just i inch!) hand cut designs that float between two micro-thin layers of glass.

Handcut paper feathers and leaves encased between 2 micro-thin pieces of glass. Cut by hand with an x-acto knife and ready to wear with a silver chain. By Sarah Trumbauer on Etsy, reminds me of mom's art




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