Cindee Kuusisto

Cindee Kuusisto

Cindee Kuusisto
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DIY soccer washer necklaces. I made these for our U6 and U13 Germany teams. I used a 1in soccer ball clip art and used publisher to add each child's #. I used craft glue to glue it to a 1/8X1 in washer. Once dry, I sealed with Dimensional Magic Mod Podge to give a glass effect. After 24 I looped through a piece of cotton cord and added pony and alphabet beads. I secured with square knots. Turned out great!

Helping You Understand The World Of Soccer With These Easy Tips. Would you like to become a great soccer player? Great soccer players are those who have a great understanding of the game and understand all the different

Free Lego Printables

Free Lego Printables for Early Elementary -- My son LOVES to play with legos. Seriously — he would never stop playing legos if it wasn’t for food and MineCraft. So if I can get him to do school with legos? I’m rockin’ school!

Freeze your fresh herbs in olive oil so you can cook with them all winter long (each cube equals about 2T of oil)

Preserve hard herbs by freezing in oil! "Given this use, the oil-and-freezer method of preservation works best with the tougher hard herbs such as ROSEMARY, SAGE, THYME, and OREGANO. These are all herbs that would probably be cooked when added to a dish.

Awesome STEM activity for kids. Make a Rubber Band Powered Lego Car.

Two Ways to Build a Rubber Band Powered Lego Car - Frugal Fun For Boys Awesome STEM activity for kids. Make a Rubber Band Powered Lego Car. Should you appreciate arts and crafts an individual will really like our site!