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cinnamon rolls being poured onto a baking sheet
easy 1 dish dessert hack! | dessert, cinnamon roll, bakery, dish | easy 1 dish dessert hack! girl shows the best hack on the internet... how to make bakery quality cinnamon rolls at home! it's so easy! This original... | By My Life | Alright, y'all. Let's open up our cinnamon rolls. This is the best cinnamon roll hack ever, okay? I'm going to show you how to make these canned cheap cinnamon rolls like the kind you get at the bakery, okay? So, let me just open this up here. I'm going to open both of these up This is so good. My family comes over and they think I bought these from a fancy bakery. Little do they know. I just buy the cheap ones at the store and I doctor em up. That's all you gotta do. Alright. So, we're just going to plop all these in here right now. I'm going to I'm going to arrange them how they should be and you know, we gotta save this icing. This is real important. Oh, there it is. It's in a little bag. Oh, that's cute. Look at that little bag. Alright. So, what we going to do here? Just layer these cinnamon rolls out like so, alright? So, I have two cans here and you see they kind of come apart a little bit but that's totally fine. Just going to put these all around like so. Oh, that little one wants to unroll. Oh, we just roll it right back together. We ain't going to waste any of these. Alright. So, we're going to take the rest of these two. And I think for this recipe from my pan I have we only need one and a half cans about but you know what? We we going to use it all. I'm going to show you how. We going to use it all. We don't want to waste anything. These are so good. Mm they smell so good already. Alright. There we go. And then we have one left. And you know what we going to do? We just going to take these little pieces. We just going to pop some in the center holes here. We want to use all these goodness. Okay? I'm telling you these are going to be the best cinnamon rolls you ever had. I'm telling you. You ain't never going to go to the bakery and buy them again. You just going to make them at home all by yourself. What's in there? Oh yeah. We going to save this icing. Alright. We have this icing. We going to save right here for later. Alright. Next step. You're going to get yourself some heavy whipping cream. Alright? So what we going to do we're just going to pour this right on top of our cinnamon rolls just right on top a nice layer and I don't know if I told you yet but you make sure that you grease your pan and you know what I use butter not that spray stuff I like real butter especially for this recipe alright so we just going to make sure you want to make sure that the the heavy whipping cream is about halfway up the biscuits the the cinnamon rolls I call em biscuits sorry that's what we say in the south so that's good that looks like a good amount so our next step here I'm just going to move this over a little bit I have a stick of melted butter alright so you want to make sure it's melted and then I have about 3/ 4 of a cup of brown sugar we just want to put this into our butter then I also have some ground cinnamon I know you think I'm crazy these are already cinnamon rolls but you know what little bit more cinnamon never hurt anybody alright and then my secret ingredient I have this fancy salt here we just going to take a little scoop of this and right in I'm telling you it makes it taste so much better so now all we going to do here, we're going to mix this up. We want to make sure we have this brown sugar and this butter mixture. Remember, a little bit of salt. We have a little bit of cinnamon in here too. Get all those chunks out. Oops, I'm splashing this everywhere. Alright. So, this is looking perfect. This is looking so good. So now, what all we going to do here We going to bring this back in. We going to take our mixture. Alright, we're going to take our nice, thick mixture here and we just going to drizzle this all on the top like so. Alright, so remember we have our cinnamon rolls. I just bought the cheap ones because they going to taste so good. We have our cinnamon rolls. We have our heavy whipping cream and then we have our brown sugar and butter mixture with a little bit of salt. I'm telling you, salt, you gotta add the salt and you make sure you get all that goodness out. So all we going to do here we going to take a piece of foil and we going to wrap this up real tight okay we're going to wrap this all the way around we're going to pop this in the oven at 350 for about 45 minutes and you going to have the best cinnamon rolls you ever had in your life here we go alright I took this out of the oven a few minutes ago so we going to take the foil off and see what our amazing cinnamon rolls look like Look at that. Alright, while it's still warm, we just got one more step. So, remember we have our our little icing packets. We're just going to cut the tip off. I'm actually going to get the other one too. We're going to do em both at the same time. I'm just going to squeeze this out. Oh, that looks so good. All this icing. Gonna use it all. And it's still warm so it's going to melt right away. Alright, we're going to use the other one. Alright. You know what? I am ready for a cinnamon roll. This is the best cinnamon roll hack. You're never going to have to buy them at a bakery again. You just buy those cheap ones at the store. Follow this recipe. Time to dig in. Ooh I don't know which one I should take. Maybe one right in the middle. Oh they're so soft. Oh my goodness. Look at this. Wow. That is so beautiful. I'm just going to put this on my plate. Remember, all we did, we took the cheap cinnamon roll from the can. We poured heavy whipping cream, some brown sugar, a little bit of cinnamon and butter. Oh, they're so soft. I'm going to have a bite of this right now. This is so good.
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