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a fire pit with chairs around it and the words what to plant along the fence line
What To Plant Along The Fence Line: 15 Excellent Choices
Looking to add some color to your yard? Discover the best plants and flowers to plant along the fence line that will bring vibrancy and beauty to your outdoor space. Read on for inspiration and tips on how to enhance your landscape.
a bush with green leaves is shown in this aerial view from high up on the ground
Pruning boxwood and yew shrubs | Rather Square
a row of green trees in front of a house with grass and bushes behind it
Thuja Can Can For Sale | Thuja Gardens
Little Giant Can Can - This tree is being used in place of Emerald Greens. It is a much better tree, as it has no winter die-back and grows only 8 to 10 feet tall and 3 to 4 feet wide, very nice privacy tree for smaller yards.
purple flowers are blooming in front of a brick wall and shrubbery on the side of a building
25 No-Effort Plants for a Foolproof Landscape
What homeowner wouldn't want a lush and colorful garden just outside the window? But while a garden definitely boosts your home's curb appeal, it also claims a lot of your free time. There's no such thing as a maintenance-free garden, but choosing smarter plantings does cut down on the amount of pruning and watering required. So, the next time you plant, try some of these lovely options that take care of themselves. Then get ready to enjoy your new low maintenance landscaping—from the comfor...
a stone wall in the middle of a garden
VERSA-LOK Square Foot | Hickory Blend Antique Textured VERSA-LOK Retaining Wall
an orange flower is in the middle of a brick garden bed with flowers and shrubs around it
Outdoor Gardens by CST Pavers | Hardscaping Ideas by CST Pavers And VERSA-LOK Retaining Walls
a large brick wall in front of a house with grass and bushes on the lawn
Awesome Versa Lok For Home Decoration Ideas: Versa Lok Mosaic Tumbled Retaining Wall Bethany Ledge Color For Exterior Design Ideas