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Céline Denoual
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google adwords benchmarks by industry

Check out the newest data on average click-through rate (CTR) in AdWords, average conversion rate in AdWords, average cost per click in AdWords and more industry benchmarks.

Citation Sean Ellis - Growth Hacking

Qu'est-ce que le Growth Hacking ?

You only get one shot, do not miss the chance too blow. This oppurtunity comes once in a lifetime.

"In the end we only regret the chances we didn't take." So be risky because you would rather look back and say I can't believe I did that instead of I can't believe I didn't do that. I do regret that amazing chance that I didn't take.

A must read from Stanford Social Innovation Review-- No Kid Hungry and KaBOOM! teach 4 lessons that are most critical to achieving transformational social change.

7 Step Decision Making, how to know if your decisions line up with God's plan for you? His will verses your will.

What is CSR built to accomplish?  Are we achieving meaningful social impacts or are we doing just enough to protect our reputation and bottom line? Can good be more than just greed?

Interest in Arts Predicts Social Responsibility - Study: 'If you sing, dance, draw, or act -- and especially if you watch others do so - you probably have an altruistic streak, according to a study by researchers at the University of Illinois at Chicago.