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two black chairs sitting on top of a cement floor in front of a glass wall
Inspiration: Brit Gardens That Know How to Limbo
an empty walkway between two concrete buildings with trees in the background and bushes on either side
studio schicketanz frames mountain range views at rustic 'tehama I' estate
an outdoor water feature in the middle of a garden with tall grass and plants around it
Design for Inside and Outdoors
a water feature in the middle of some plants and trees, surrounded by greenery
Chelsea Flower Show 2008 - Laurent Perrier Garden
a tree in the middle of a courtyard with plants on either side and an open door leading to another room
White Twin Gable House by Ryan Leidner Architecture is a remodeled Eichler
a wooden walkway surrounded by flowers and shrubs
50 Wooden Walkway Ideas for Landscaping Brilliance in 2024
an outdoor garden with benches and trees
10 Genius Garden Hacks with Poured Concrete - Gardenista
a chair sitting under a tree in front of a white wall and grass on the ground
Texas Tech Chitwood Dorm Room Makeover - Two Thirty-Five Designs
a white house with trees and plants in the front yard
Photo 2 of 16 in A Tree Grows Right Through the Roof of This…
a tree in the corner of a white building
Un loft à Milan , Visite privée
an outdoor deck with two lounge chairs on it and plants growing in the back ground
an outdoor dining area with tables and chairs, surrounded by greenery on the other side
Top Interior Designer - Michael Wolk Design
an outdoor dining area with chairs and tables in the grass next to a white building
Before & After: A Two-Faced Victorian Garden with a Secret - Gardenista
a wooden deck with chairs and tables surrounded by trees, plants and other greenery
Urban jungle in de stad
Tuinaannemers zijn echte vakmannen. Ook op kleine oppervlaktes zijn ze creatief. Dat bewijst dit project.
a wooden deck with two chairs on it next to some large rocks and pine trees
She danced all night...and all the way home...: Photo
a woman walking down a brick path through a lush green garden
See More of this Ilse Crawford-Designed Home in Stockholm
an outdoor patio with benches and potted plants on the table, surrounded by greenery
〚 Stunning apartment in old building in Stockholm by Ilse Cowford 〛◾ Photos ◾ Ideas ◾ Design
the garden is full of white flowers and greenery
Designer Visit: Sheila Jack's White Garden in West London - Gardenista
A work studio faces the house in Sheila Jack’s garden in Hammersmith, London.
a small black house in the middle of a yard
Outbuilding of the Week: A 323-Square-Foot Backyard Guest House (and Storage Shed) - Gardenista
Tuinhuis Bussum - by Serge Schoemaker Architects Photography: Raoul Kramer
a small black cabin in the woods with a deck and patio area that is surrounded by trees
Punainen minitupa, moderni piharakennus tai puumaja – näissä vierasmajoissa nähdään kesäisiä unia
Vierasmaja joka makuun - näissä nähdään kesäisiä unia | Meillä kotona
a wooden deck in front of a house with glass walls and doors on the outside
Vierasmaja metsän siimeksessä
Vierasmaja metsän siimeksessä | Meillä kotona
a house with lots of plants in front of it
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Our Gardens - Peter Fudge Gardens
a very nice looking house with some plants in the front yard and lights at the entrance
Gallery of Casa Concreto / Grupo MM - 4
Casa Concreto,© Iván Casillas
the walkway is lined with plants and shrubs in front of two black buildings on either side
Green Inspirations — seen on Gardenista
Green Inspirations — seen on Gardenista
an outdoor patio with chaise lounges surrounded by greenery
19+ Grand Contemporary Design Objects Ideas
10 Miraculous Ideas: Contemporary Building Elevation contemporary apartment layout.Contemporary Farmhouse Rugs contemporary lobby paintings.Contemporary Exterior Commercial..
an outdoor seating area surrounded by plants and trees
Putney House
#contemporary #pergola #gazebo || Putney House - Stiff + Trevillion