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Rohan House


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Rohan has seen much war and turmoil in its relatively brief history, but more recently, many of its settlements have been coming under attack by roving war parties of Uruk-hai and vengeful Dunlendings.This modular, multipart plastic terrain kit enables you to build one Rohan House. The building’s walls are double-sided and there is a choice of two different finishes to the roof timbers for added variety. The kit also includes a number of fences, barrels and ropes, as well as optional components


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plains creatures

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Stores Set: Clothes and Tailoring Shop Scale: 32 mm Print Resolution: 0.04mm Material: Photopolymer Resin Color: Grey or Beige (miniatures are unpainted) Model creator: Cast 'n Play Make every game a critical hit with the finest clothes and costumes! Resin 3D Print All Critical Terrain miniatures are printed with high quality Photopolymer Resin. Miniatures are originally printed in 32 mm scale. Different scales are possible. Perfect for every tabletop experience! Wash and Cure After the print is

right market street

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Butcher workbench miniature, perfect for any tabletop rpg. The original sculpt is by STL Miniatures. The mini is 32mm scale, but can be printed at a different scale upon request. Please message me for quotes on larger prints or to have the miniatures painted. Scale varies slightly from sculptor to sculptor. If you need to match scale on another miniature, please let me know! 3D printed minis ship unassembled and unprimed, and they are printed with abs like resin. Final prints may differ slightly

left market street

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ArtStation - God of War Ragnarök
Kräuterfrau - Maria Thorpe

Iron order

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ArtStation - Valkerie For Honor, Remko Troost

Reach tribe

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Lunar forge

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Iron hand

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Brienne of Tarth


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Bart Tiongson


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Nordic Tomb

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Whitewatch tower

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/My inspiration

Tundra inn

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ArtStation - Windmill Asset concept, IRI H_Y
Rohan inspired house 3 | Edoras | Celtic | Saxon | Mesbg Scaled for 28mm Tabletop gaming Printed in Eco-friendly gray PLA. All Buildings are 3D printed on a FDM printer at the best possible settings allowing it to be reproduced in the most amazing detail and limit supports. All Buildings are shipped unpainted without supports ready to prime and paint. Some sanding, filling and assembly might be needed. Free US shipping with $35 order, ships within 4-8 weeks. Original model designed by Conquest C


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