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How to Design the Perfect Montessori Toddler Room - The Toddler Playbook

Toy storage

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Craft your own Trolls - of toilet rolls! - Crafts Company - Simple fun crafts for children and adults

art activities

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Daily Schedule • Ages 5-8 | The Children's Center
routine cards... cool for all of you who have children .... wonder if I can adapt it for day care?


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I am so going to make this this summer

kids - eventually

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two children sitting at a table with boxes on it
GS Cookie Booth Idea
there are many signs on the table that say thank you, cookie time and i am sorry
Girl Scout Cookie Book Ideas
Girl Scout Cookie Booth - Crates
Girl Scout Cookie Booth - Crates
a child's face is shown with words written on the wall behind it,
Fan, Recycled Crafts, Crafts, Upcycling, Recycling, Cardboard Boxes, Scouts Crafts, Scout Activities
Recycled Girl Scout Box Cat Scratcher
a stack of books with wrapped presents on them
6 Ways to Gift Girl Scout Cookies - Parenting Healthy
6 Ways to Gift Girl Scout Cookies - Parenting Healthy
four tags that say thank you and have green ribbons attached to them with the words thank you
two brown paper bags sitting on top of a table
Bags I made for delivering Girl Scout cookies. Tags were made using Microsoft Word. I bought the bags at Hobby Lobby. They had them in packs of 5 for $4.99. Used curly ribbon to attach the tags to the bags. I had the bags ready to go when cookies arrived and it made separating all the boxes into individual orders a snap!
Super Cute Halo Bun
balloons and streamers are hanging from the ceiling in front of curtained walls with pink tinsel