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an icon with the letter cggg in black ink on a white square background
CEREMONY - StudioPaack
a woman's face with the number six behind it
a woman with her hands on her face and the letter h in front of her
Minimalist phone wallpaper featuring a warm orange background and a contrasting New York City skyline, crafted for Android and iPhone devices to evoke a serene, contemporary ambiance
Sunset Orange New York City Skyline Wallpaper for Android and iPhone: Minimalist Aesthetic
an abstract black and white pattern with squares in the center, on a dark background
Frontier of Man
an old book with blue ink on black paper and the title in chinese is written
D i s s o n a n c e
an artistic photograph of a woman's lips
(#133) Daido Moriyama
the words stop staring are painted on a red background
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"people keep staring at me it's making me want yell at them STOP STARING AT ME YOU FREAKS but I can't say that I need to keep my temper under control"
jaqenwho Hulk, Steve Rogers, Marvel, Avengers, Pin And Patches
a woman in a red dress is walking down the street with her hands on her hips
Wing Shya ตา (กล้อง) อีกข้างของ ‘หว่อง’
Wing Shya : still photographer for Wong Kar Wai's films: