Iittala Sarjaton tableware range designed by Harri Koskinen, Aleksi Kuokka, Musuta and design interior design design office design and decoration house design

野田琺瑯 ポトル | Noda horo

Nodo Horo Pottle enamelware teapot, in multiple colours, straight slightly tapering sides and flat lid, porcelain enamel over metal, C.

DURALEX PICARDIE TUMBLER, 8, 12, 16.5 oz small, medium, large tumbler

Duralex picardie tumbler

DURALEX PICARDIE TUMBLER The French Duralex Company first began to manufacture glassware in 1939 Duralex introduced a tempering and pressing p.

Truly timeless design. Named Kastehelmi (dewdrop) after the bubble glass detailing, this collection was originally produced from 1964-1988 and brought back to celebrate Oiva Toika's 50 year mark as a designer. iittala Kastehelmi Dewdrop Lemon Footed Bowl - $65

iittala Kastehelmi Lemon Footed Bowl

iittala Kastehelmi Dewdrop Footed Bowls I need these. at least in colors sand and salmon, loveliness

Kodissani syödään Iittalan Teema astioista, jotka sain äidiltäni joululahjaksi

A Scandinavian classic designed in 1952 by Kaj Franck, Teema Dinnerware by Iittala comes in six colors, including white.

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