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Various sewing projects to try one day.
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an unfolded pair of black pants with the words neck and front printed on them
DIY cozy, stylish winter cape (no sewing required)
two photos with the words, pattern making fundamentals adding seam allowance on them
Pattern Making Fundamentals: Adding Seam Allowance
If you are making your own pattern pieces or wish to alter an existing pattern...Then being able to add, remove, or adjust the seam allowance is an important skill to have!
the instructions for how to make a satin table skirt with beaded trimmings
DIY Circle Skirt for dancers! [reversible & double-layer & double-slit] - SPARKLY BELLY
DIY Circle Skirt for dancers! [reversible & double-layer & double-slit]
a woman in high heels is talking on her cell phone while looking at herself in the mirror
The adventures of making a fluffy skirt ★ The making of Napoleon (Eiyuu Senki) ★ Part 1
poofy skirt! I find this adorable and want to make one, even if not for cosplay! Whoee, this'll be fun >u< (also, the girl on the blog this links to is crazy cosplay-talented!)