Nordic Thoughts: Himmeli/olkihimmeli - Oro/halmkrona/takkronor How to make straw tree ornaments

Geometric Himmeli Heart Tutorial

Geometric Himmeli Heart Tutorial

How to make himmeli | Xmas decoration . Weihnachtsdekoration . décoration noël | @ swon studio |

I fell in love with himmeli mobiles some time ago. I made one out of coffee straws for Jack's nursery and it was surprisingly eas.

So simple I love it!! We could do a book, the straw thing, and then a succulent!

Once I got started making himmeli-inspired shapes, I couldn’t stop. The only thing that stopped me from making brass versions of the other straw prototypes I came up with was that my hands we…

Wire Wreath Tutorial Step 11

DIY Geometric Wreath Tutorial

Copy/paste: "DIY Geometric Wreath Tutorial - Vintage Revivals- Will work this pattern for the necklace on a smaller scale.