Marimekko dress, Sivellin: love the way the stripes go opposite directions and the pockets.

Marimekko dress, Sivellin: a lot like that one Vogue pattern, minus a bottom band.

Marimekko Spring 2014 collection via

Marimekko Spring 2014

A Marimekko-inspired cake for pattern lovers.

Orange Poppy Seed Marimekko Cake

Unikko US Sized Bedding Grey/White/Orange | Kiitos Marimekko

Marimekko Unikko Grey/White/Orange Percale Bedding One of Marimekko's most beloved and popular patterns is now available in a neutral colorway, but with a pop of color. Maija Isola's Unikko pattern of white poppy flowers with orange centers decorates a.

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