Dovecot Studios Stairwell

Get info about how to textile design. Christiane Wyler began her career as a textile designer. After graduating in 1979 from the University of Muenchberg, Germany with a Diploma in Textile Design, she worked in Switzerland in a variety of industries.

yarn bombing

The story goes that 1000 blankets were expected at this yarnbombing event in Helsinki, Finland, but ended up with 7800 and used only about half the pile. After the yarnbombing event all the blankets were donated to the safe house movement.

parking meter cozy

“Meter Monster”, Hanasaurusrex monster yarn bomb on parking meter at Cooke St. and Auahi St.

Mantras Del Sur

I love these crochet chair covers! I especially like the pink/purple one with the ottoman to match! I probably could never accomplish this though.

This piece was made for international yarn bombing day by local seniors who attached circles to mesh to cover the Sunrise Hospital pedestrian bridge. Local Boy Scouts helped with the hanging of the mural, and the Girl Scouts helped set up refreshments