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an image of a cartoon character holding a heart in front of the caption that says,
an open heart shaped box with a message on it
My inner landscape
a quote written in the language of an italian language on a white background with pink leaves
a blue and purple painting with a feather on it
a brown teddy bear with a red bow on it's neck sitting in front of a sign
Ilmassa leijailee ihanaa rakkautta - 6 voimakuvaa
two kittens are sitting on the ground together
Ala ole surullinen, kylla...
two children hugging each other with the caption be an encourager, the world has too many crittes already
"Kun tie on kaunis, on tarpeetonta kysyä mihin se vie" - 7 voimakuvaa Sinulle
the words are written in black ink on a white background
a drawing of a woman holding a string of hearts in the shape of a heart
it's for you by asiaq on DeviantArt