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an abstract black and red background with white stripes
Analogix ! ★
headphones with a brain in the middle
an abstract black and red background with the letter o in it's center surrounded by lines
Chaos gender
birds flying in the air over a striped wall
(O_o) ; lovizomb!
an old wooden basket with metal handles on a green and black striped background in the style of steampunk
the word sau is painted in orange and black stripes with an orange glow on it
a pair of scissors with blood splattered on the wall in the back ground
an abstract image of a person with a cross on his chest in the center of a circle
the cross is in front of a multicolored striped background with red and brown stripes
a black and brown striped background with white stripes on the bottom right half of the image
an abstract striped pattern with red, black and white stripes on the bottom half of it
red and yellow drips on black background with white circles in the center, creating an abstract pattern
A gender relating or connected to the fake blood aesthetics in MCR's albums, photoshoots, image etc. coined and made by me!
an abstract red and grey background with horizontal lines
Not mine. A gender related to the aesthetic of My Chemical Romance, this could be the aesthetic of their music, their album covers, their music videos, the members, MCR in general, or anything else you can think of. By page-2-ids on Tumblr
the title for my chemical romance, written in black and white on a striped background
A "-spinnic" gender that relates to having My Chemical Romance as a special interest. This gender, as well as all other spinnic genders are exclusive to autistic people. ::