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the letter sounds worksheet for children to learn how to read and write letters
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Worksheets - Nessy Reading Spelling
the printable worksheet for grade 1 and 2 students to practice their handwriting skills
First Grade Magic - Melissa Mitchell
Phonics Phoneme-Grapheme Mapping Activity
a white sign with writing on it that says, adding s or ess?
This is another great idea for an anchor chart to create and use for whole class instruction. This can be tricky, so having this visual would definitely be helpful for students.
the letter k and c are made up of letters
a poster with some words on it that say,'good spellers'and'i
Reminders for Good Spellers Chart
Reminders for Good Spellers Chart Image
two different types of english words in the same language, one is spelling and the other has
American and British English Spelling | 80+ Differences Illustrated
American and British Spelling Differences
a poster with words and pictures for spelling the letter k / v, including an image of
the worksheet for making letters and numbers
For the Love of First Grade
C Spelling Rule printable
the cover for eight spelling rules worth teaching
Spelling Rules | Pennington Publishing Blog
Check out these eight concise spelling rules with examples and the accompanying songs to help your students memorize each rule. FUN!
a yellow piece of paper with writing on it that says, bake in a making smile driving taking writing hiding riding
Add ing and drop the e
Home-made learning aid for helping kids to learn that you drop the e when you add ing to your verb
a tray with plastic cups and letters on it
Hands-On Spelling Activity
Hands-On Spelling Activity | Parents | Scholastic.com
50 hands - on spelling activities for kids
50 Hands-On Spelling Activities {for Phonics and Sight Words}
50 Hands-On Spelling Activities for Phonics and Sight Words
a sign that says see and see on the side of a table with black letters
beat the teacher!
Beat The Teacher! A fun, easy game to practice spelling words.
there is a sign that says 75 ways to practice spelling with scissors and crayons
75 Fun Ways to Practice and Learn Spelling Words
75 Fun Ways to Practice & Learn Spelling Words
the cover of 35 spelling games for kids to practice spelling and writing with their own hands
The Best Classroom Spelling Games And How To Teach Spelling With Them
A fantastic roundup of fun spelling games that will suit students of all ages. http://topnotchteaching.com/lesson-ideas/35-spelling-games/