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Fitter Happier (desmontando a Mr. Robot) | by Ana. | Medium


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Artwork by Jacek Malczewski, ARTYSTA I CHIMERA, Made of oil, cardboard


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a drawing of a man and woman dancing on musical notes
two cans of mountain dew sit on a table next to a glass with liquid in it
mtn dew
the stairs are covered with posters and stickers
amoeba records (hollywood, ca)
a bottle of alcohol sitting on top of a window sill next to a cup
many cds are stacked on top of each other
an image of a computer screen with the program running on it's side and text that reads,
Fitter Happier (desmontando a Mr. Robot)
Fitter Happier (desmontando a Mr. Robot) | by Ana. | Medium
looking up at the ceiling of an office building with multiple windows and balconies
Archillect (@archillect) on X
a car that is sitting in the woods
a white car driving down a muddy road
an old building is shown in this black and white photo, with the word robb written on it
an old pair of jeans sitting on the floor next to a knife in a pocket