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an image of a man drinking from a can with the caption that reads, math teacher - if you had 10 bts albums and i took 9 away what would you have left? me
Pretty much easy you took my Albums you died S. I. M. P. L. E.
It's sucks being an international fan!!! Kdrama Memes, Seventeen Memes, Memes Kpop, Memes Humor, Visual Statements, Kpop Funny
It's sucks being an international fan!!!
I love this kid. I like how I call him kid when he is older than me. He is the definition of adorable.
group of young men in black suits standing next to each other
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two people walking on a tennis court with one person holding the other's hand
I don't doubt that is exactly what happened. Jin probably walked off to buy some lunch and Tae got distracted by a lintball on the side of the track.
two boys are hugging each other outside
BTS ➳ Chistes
Jungkook and j - hope
two people sitting on the ground with one holding another
X. Es lo que está pasando
btsisac2017 #kookhope #hopekook
two young men sitting on top of a black couch next to each other with their legs crossed
X. It’s what’s happening
YoonKook || SugaKookie || BTS Suga & Jungkook || Bangtan Boys Min Yoongi & Jeon Jungkook
two people in white shirts and ties posing for the camera with their mouths wide open
Jikook feels~~~ahh | We still See you as an Handsome Man even when you make that face Honey
a group of young men standing next to each other on top of a hard wood floor
Security Check Required
Can I go to this school?
the group of young men are posing together for a photo in front of a white wall
BTS_official (@bts_bighit) on X
BTS_official (@bts_bighit) | Twitter
black and white photo of group of young men in leather outfits posing for the camera
bts | Tumblr
the text is written in black and white
So my mom was talking to a friend of hers and I hear "Yeah. they like this person named kpop" I now drop my head in shame.