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Masque DAN de CI

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an african mask with chains and beads on it's head, in front of a black background
le masque Dan des lignes pures dans l'art africain
Masque DAN de CI
Mask Masquerade, African Mask, Wild Heart, Costume Mask
near to the wild heart
an african mask is displayed on a stand
Kuba Race DRC country Materials Wood, raffia, brass, cowries, pearls Height 26 width 18 Weight 0,77
Horned Helmet, Sculpture Clay, Black Culture, African American Women, Old And New, Samurai Gear, Festival Captain Hat
Kuba Nyet, Horned Helmet Mask 8, DRC
an african mask is displayed on a stand with beads hanging from it's sides
Erreur 404
an african mask is featured on the app store's website, and it appears to be for sale
kuba art - bakuba art - congo art - bushongo art - traditional african art - african art sculpture
an elaborate mask with feathers on display in a glass case
Helmet Mask (Mukyeem) Kuba people Democratic Republic of the Congo mid-20th century Raffia wood cowrie shells beads parrot feathers and goat hair
an elaborate headdress with feathers and beads on display in a glass case at the museum
Mask (Mukenga) Kuba Western Kasai region Democratic Republic of the Congo Late 19th-20th century CE Wood glass beads cowrie shells feathers raffia fur fabric string and bells
an african mask with braids and beads on it
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a man sitting on top of a rock next to a cross
Dogon Kanaga mask wearing, Nombori (January 2008)