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Marble bust of Vespasian (69-79AD).

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Alea Jolly venetian mask papier mache for sale. 100% handcrafted in venice by venetian masters.
Venetian Mask Golden Queen Made In Venice, Italy!
Venetian Mask Penelope Red and Gold by OriginalVeniceShop on Etsy

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Cappella Sistina - Rome This looks exactly like the bit in Assassin's Creed where you have to try and kill the pope
While touring Vatican City this is one of the amazing ceilings in the Vatican Museums. A wonderful sight on a dream vacation. #monogramsvacation
Chapelle Sixtine, Rome, Italie

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Pompeii in 19th Century by ClydeHouse on Flickr....

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the inside of an old stone building with columns and arches on both sides that are lined by large rocks
Below the Aqueducts, Parc Guell, Antoni Gaudi, Barcelona
an ornate building with many domes on top
Access Denied | Paul E Wiliams Photographer Photography Library
the statues are all lined up on the bridge
Insider Gossip of Saint Peter’s Basilica
two statues in front of a building with a flag on the pole and another statue next to it
the statues are lined up on the side of the street
Rom, Via delle Quattro Fontane, Palazzo Barberini, Säulen und Laternen des Zauns (Columns and lanterns of the fence)
some people are walking around in front of an old building with carvings on it and stone pillars
Rom, Forum Romanum,Titusbogen (Roman Forum, Arch of Titus)
a tall pillar with carvings on it against a blue sky
Coluna Antonina, de Marco Aurélio, Roma | Viaje Comigo
the inside and outside of an old building with tiled floors, walls and ceilinging
the inside and outside of an old building with stone arches, windows, and marble flooring
If 7 Famous Historical Ruins Were Restored Back To Their Ancient Glory
the inside and outside of a building with paintings on it's walls, in different stages
See Seven Famed Ancient Ruins Restored Back To Their Former Glory