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a long wooden suspension bridge over a river
For Inca Road Builders, Extreme Terrain Was No Obstacle
a rope bridge that is next to some water
Inca’s heritage, Q’eswachaka Hanging Bridge / Peru...
the ruins of an ancient city are surrounded by greenery and foggy hills in the distance
Machu Picchu
the stairs lead up to an old stone structure on top of a mountain with mountains in the background
Huayna Picchu
Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru
people are walking up and down the stairs at machaca pico ruins in peru
Machu Picchu
an image of the ancient ruins in the mountains
Machu Picchu: la enigmática ciudadela inca
some drawings on the side of a wall with people and animals drawn in white chalk
Nazca Lines in Desert of Southern Peru, Ancient Airport of KIng Mahabali - Mysteries
an aerial view of the desert with lines drawn on it
Nazca Lines: Scientists Identify Bird Species in Ancient Peruvian Geoglyphs
an image of a person in the sand with lines drawn on it's face
Fly Over the Nazca Lines