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I got: Modern! What Is Your TRUE Decorating Style?Your true style is modern. You like things simple, clean, and elegant. Stylish and refined, you hate clutter and chaos. You run a tight ship when it comes to your home, because it's your quiet sanctuary. Peaceful, tidy, and streamlined, your home is an island of serenity.

Do you have a spare room you'd like to redecorate, or maybe your whole house? Take this fun quiz to see which style is the best match for you!

Jetez votre regard à travers les cimes des arbres grâce à cette magnifique murale de forêt flou. La couleur douce des pastels en font un papier peint apaisant pour les intérieurs du salon.

Wandfarbe / Verlauf / Gaze across the treetops with the beautifully hazy forest wall mural. Soft pastels colour make this a soothing wallpaper for living room spaces.

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