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Tip for a stylish summer: Alvar Aalto was inspired by the waves when he designed his iconic vases in

Alvar Aalto - florero

Alvar Aalto - Florero 95mm

iittala Alvar Aalto Vases An icon of Finnish design, the iittala Aalto Vase is one of the most famous glass pieces in history. Alvar Aalto created the design in 1936 and entered it in the Karhula-Iittala Glass Design Competitio.


Iittala X Issey Miyake is a collaboration between the Finnish design house Iittala and the Japanese designer Issey Miyake. This delicate glass vase was mouth-blown in Finland.

Aalto vase 80 - Iittala.com

Espousing the virtues of both aesthetics and functionality, here are 7 Iittala essentials that every home should own.

Aalto vase 201mm, dark grey

Alvar Aalto created the Aalto vase in different sizes and colours for Iittala in occasion of the World Fair in Paris in Most probably the legendary shape of the Aalto vase is derived from the Finnish landscape and lakes.

Iittala X Issey Miyake vase, dark grey

The Iittala X Issey Miyake vase has an elegant, slim shape that is ideal for emphasizing the beauty of a single flower. The vase is made of mouth-blown glass, and its height is 18 cm.