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Sci Fi, Design, Star Wars Ships, Halo Armor, Halo Ce, Sci-fi Armor, Armor Concept, Armor, Fleet
Since y’all liked my Halo 3 Marine remaster project. Here are some examples of different gear permutations.
an image of a robot that is standing in the air
Firefall Armor Art - Halo Infinite Art Gallery
Instagram, Steampunk, Halo Reach, Halo Reach Armor, Armored Core, Spartans, Alien Vs Predator
Inspiration, Fan Art, Xbox, Halo 3 Odst, Steampunk Armor, Halo Series, Novato
Spartan_D042 - Commissions Open 3/3 on X
an action figure is posed on a black surface in front of a dark background, wearing a helmet and armor
a man in a futuristic suit standing on a platform
Eminem, Spartan, Master Chief, Destiny
a man in a futuristic suit standing next to a helicopter
an image of a sci - fi character standing in the dark
Future Soldier, Halo 4, Trooper, Futuristic, Halo 3
Halo 3 Master Chief, Halo 4 Setting by TelemusCNT on DeviantArt
an image of a man in armor on a black background
a man in a futuristic suit and helmet
Halo Male Spartan reader X Red Vs Blue: The ultimate Spartan within Blood Gulch - Main Protagonists
Stargate, Sci Fi Characters, Alien Concept Art, Futuristic Armour, Sci Fi Art
Ethereal on Twitter
Ethereal on Twitter
an image of a sci - fi character standing in the dark
an image of a robot that is in the middle of some dirt and rocks with flames coming out of it
Boy Art, Marines
Dieselpunk, Shadowrun
two guys in futuristic suits standing next to each other with green lights on their faces
Concept Art, Character Design, Science Fiction, Military Art
JozzysSketchBook - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
a robot that is standing up on a black background with the caption galaia
Spartan Armor 5
3d, Man, Guys
MrGruntington on Twitter
MrGruntington on Twitter
a futuristic soldier is standing in front of a gray background