Day 31 - Manga eyes expression by Bumblebee04 on deviantART

How to Draw Chibi Expressions, Step by Step, Chibis, Draw Chibi, Anime . - DeTo Forum>>>>Never seen this stuff before.

This would be a cool map to hang on my wall. Just for decoration, because it doesn't really tell were things are.

Well if this isn't an ambitious zentangle project! Totally beautiful mandala style zentangle map of the world.

Anime girl I like how the umbrella is light blue it kind looks like it's making the water glow

げみ◆絵本出るよ on

Thumbprint-Tree-Inspiration. Read More -

Try a Fingerprint Tree - For an Alternative Wedding Guestbook Idea

Thumbprint-Tree-Inspiration - like this idea for children's art auction project

The mindset with art.

What’s the point?

Mona: You terrify me sometimes Bentley: Well if you don't terrify people a little then what's the point?

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Cute Kitchen Girl & her big Great Dane dog staring at out of reach Cookie Jar Illustration - Partners by Elisa Kwon

How to draw braids.

tutorial -- braids by *onisuu on deviantART / I can already draw braids, but there's always room for improvement. I actually quite like to draw braids.