Day 31 - Manga eyes expression by Bumblebee04 on deviantART

How to Draw Chibi Expressions, Step by Step, Chibis, Draw Chibi, Anime . - DeTo Forum -- I need this--I suck at chibis.

Thumbprint-Tree-Inspiration. Read More -

Try a Fingerprint Tree - For an Alternative Wedding Guestbook Idea

The mindset with art.

What’s the point?

Mona: You terrify me sometimes Bentley: Well if you don't terrify people a little then what's the point?

Big Hero 6 fanart.

Why baymax would always win in a bot fight. He would just love them into submission.

“Partners” by Elisa Kwon*  • Blog/Website | ( • Online Store | ( ★ || *Please support the artists and studios featured here by buying this and other artworks in their official online stores • Find more artists at  and and learn more about #concept #art #animation #anime #comics || ★

Cute Kitchen Girl & her big Great Dane dog staring at out of reach Cookie Jar Illustration - Partners by Elisa Kwon

How to draw braids.

tutorial -- braids by *onisuu on deviantART / I can already draw braids, but there's always room for improvement. I actually quite like to draw braids.


Kim, Ilustraciones de Kim-Ji Hyuck (Hanuol) en el Artículo de Anna Gomis para El País e Ilustrados

The idea of reversed roles, why do thinks happen like they do? Each thing has it's 'ideal purpose'.

Funny pictures about The Kind Of Art I Like. Oh, and cool pics about The Kind Of Art I Like. Also, The Kind Of Art I Like photos.