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Triela - Gunslinger Girl- I have to say this is anime is weird as shit with a lot of symbolism. Japan In September, Orange Lanterns, Gunslinger Girl, Avengers Alliance, Samurai Artwork, Captain Harlock, Popular Manga, Girls Series, Book Girl

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Gunslinger Girl Manga.... most of them.. up untill they introt that new cyborg. ugh. :D I love Josse

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This depicts a teen pondering her fate as an assassin. I dont know anything about todays music or tv, she says. The only things I know are guns classic literature. It is Triela, from the manga series Gunslinger Girl. Yes, there will be a Henrietta patch at some point. image suggestions are

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Gunslinger Girl: "Henrietta" was an innocent little girl when her entire family was massacred and she was left for dead. She was rescued by a privately-owned social welfare organization and given cybernetic components over her battered body. Brainwashed by the organization, she and four other girls now work as cold-blooded assassins, doing the dirty work for the Italian government.

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Rico (リコ riko) was a child cyborg assasin in the Social Welfare Agency, Section 2. Her handler was Jean Croce. Confined to a hospital bed since she was born due to severe birth defects that left her unable to walk and in constant pain, Rico was signed over to the SWA by her parents on her...

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AmiAmi [Character & Hobby Shop] | (Pre-owned ITEM:A/BOX:B)Gunslinger Girl - Henrietta 1/8 Complete Figure(Released)

 After five years, this figure of Henrietta is going on resale, so she can be displayed with the recently announced Triela. Their memories lost with their tragic past. Gunslinger Girl, Normal Girl, Anime Figurines, Good Smile, Awesome Anime, Disney Princess, Disney Characters, Collection, Board

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Gunslinger Girl - Henrietta - 1/8 (Good Smile Company)

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