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the banner for savannah gads organized may 17, 1861
The Savannah Cadets company was organized on May 17, 1861, for home protection of Savannah. Membership was limited to boys between the ages of 14 and 17. The company was accepted into the service of the state of Georgia in February 1862 and joined the 54th Regiment of Georgia Volunteers, Confederate States Army, in May 1862 for the remainder of the Civil War. They surrendered with the army of General Joseph E. Johnston on April 27, 1865, in North Carolina.
a flag hanging on the wall in a room
Flag of the 22nd North Carolina Infantry carried at the observance of the 100th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg in 1963
an old flag hanging on the wall with torn up paper and paint peeling off it
Clarke, William John
Confederate Battle Flag, associated with the 14th Regiment of NC Volunteers (24th Regiment of NC Troops), commanded by William J. Clarke in July 1861.
an old flag with the number 20 on it's side and stars in the middle
20th Alabama Infantry. This flag was carried by the 20th Alabama Infantry, Pettus' Brigade, Stevenson's Division during 1864-1865. The date of issue is unknown, however, its use will postdate December 1863 when Joseph E. Johnston assumed command of the Army of Tennessee. Johnston had new battle flags of this pattern issued beginning in the early spring, 1864. Following the surrender of the regiment at Salisbury, North Carolina the flag bearer, J. H. Redding, hid the flag under his clothing.
an old and worn flag with the number thirty nine in it's center is shown
Looking for the Confederate War
North Carolina battle flags | the flag of the 58th NC or should I say remnants of two flags of the ...
the flag of the state of north carolina is shown in this file photo from 2009
Regimental Flag of the Indiana 42nd Infantry Regiment.
an old flag with stars on it
Flag 44th Alabama Infantry
44th Alabama Infantry (Probable). This flag is a second wool bunting issue Army of Northern Virginia battle flag. It was manufactured at the Richmond Clothing Depot in June, 1862. The flag was captured at the “Sunken Lane” during the Battle of Antietam (Sharpsburg) on September 17, 1862 by 2nd Lt. Theodore W. Grieg, Co. C, 61st New York Volunteer Infantry. Grieg was later recommended for and finally received the Congressional Medal of Honor on February 10, 1887.
an old flag with stars and fringes on it
Flag of the 47th GA...
a painting of a man in blue and red uniform holding a pipe with the words pmr on it
1st PA Regt. Green silk with red silk square in the center, with painted hunter striking a lion wrapped in a net with a spear. (53 1/2" x 61 1/2")
an old flag is hanging on the wall
Flags of the 30th Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
1st State Colors (Regimental), 30th Massachusetts Infantry
the flag of the state of michigan with an eagle on it's shoulder and banner around its neck
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74th Indiana Infantry Civil War Regimental Battle Flag.
the memorial plaque is on display for everyone to see
The 2nd colours of the Irish 69th Regiment. It was designed & made by Tiffany's of N.Y. & actually presented just after the Battle of Fredricksburg. This historic flag was given to John F. Kennedy, by the 'Fighting 69th' for presentation to the Irish people as a gift. It now resides in the Irish equivalent of Congress, in Dublin. Note: Four Battles were added to this flag after Tiffany's gave it to the 69th. Fredricksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, Bristoe Station.
an old flag with some people on it
6th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment, State Color 1863-1865, Side A. Killed or Died of Wounds: 236.
a red and white flag with a star on the front, hanging from it's side
U.S. Signal Corps Battle Flag | Edward Halstead | Civil War
an old sign is displayed on the side of a building that has been painted with gold and blue
19th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment Regimental Flag