Poêle à bois / d'angle / contemporain HABIT LD/LI ROCAL

Poêle à bois / d'angle / contemporain HABIT LD/LI ROCAL

PLANTIN_Ret 2014_Cheminées-philippe

Cheminees Philippe are world leaders in beautiful French fireplaces. With many designs and styles to choose from they complete the open fireplace in your home.

Apartment Renovation - Picture gallery

Wonderful Elegant Apartment for Lifestyle: Modern White Chairs And Built In Fireplace Design At Erosion Apartment With Metal Floor Vase Near.

Two Barns House - Picture gallery

Two Barns House by RS+ Architects is located in a quiet northern district of Tychy, Poland, near a forest complex.

Rais - Freestanding Woodwall

RAIS wood-burning stoves and inserts are built on Scandinavian quality.

Rais - Woodwall

modern fireplace + wood storage - love the wood storage. The fireplace is too modern for me

Dix chauffages design pour un intérieur classe

10 chauffages design pour dynamiser son intérieur

Le Prado/Marseille - Picture gallery

This property located near the beaches of the Prado, Marseilles was renovated by Maurice Padovani in

Rieteiland House - Picture gallery

Hans van Heeswijk Architects have designed the Rieteiland House in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Description from Hans van Heeswijk Architects: The Rieteilan