Facial system

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a sculpture made out of wooden blocks on top of a white box with a string attached to it
Gallery of Santiago Calatrava: The Metamorphosis of Space - 8
a lamp that is sitting on top of a table next to a light pole with four square lights
Runing Torso (Gallery) - Santiago Calatrava – Architects & Engineers
a tall white and black sculpture with four cubes on it's sides, in front of a gray background
Santiago Calatrava: Sculpture Into Architecture | OEN
an abstract sculpture is shown in black and white, with lines running across the top
SNAKE RANCH - jennilee: Early X Piece made of Wood and Nylon...
an object made out of wooden sticks on a white surface
テンセグリティの作り方 How to make a Tensegrity | 藤崎圭一郎の雑思録
Tension suspension
a sculpture made out of neon lights on top of a cement floor next to a white wall
Tensegrity Sculptures (2009 – current)
an image of a triangle made out of wood sticks and letters on the bottom side
Mathematics, the first equations for a simple tensegrity
an instagram page with stairs made from wooden planks and string on the bottom
10 Modern And Stylish Floating Staircase Design Ideas For Modern Home
a metal model of a sailboat on a white background with no people around it
Kenneth Snelson
two pieces of wood are arranged in the shape of an x - frame on a blue surface
Tensegrities with four struts
a hand holding up a wooden structure made out of sticks and white plastic pegs
Educational Materials to Teach and Learn the Fascial System