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a lego box sitting on top of a white dresser
348K views · 14K likes | Kaitlyn Rowe on Instagram: "*Check out stories — or comment below — for a link to our favorite Lego finds! My older two kids have officially entered their Lego era and it’s been so fun. It’s all new to me and I’ve learned a thing or two alongside them these past couple of months.. like I personally had no idea all duplo legos worked with small original lego bases and it’s been so nice having all of our sets in one table for extending play + easy organizing. Also, peel & stick bases on Amazon were one of my favorite finds yet. They made DIYing an IKEA table into a lego table so simple, plus they make the best vertical walls for displaying creations — my kids are obsessed! If you have any fun lego hacks/tips, let me know 🤩"
a child's play area with toys and chalkboard on the wall, in front of a house
Maak een speelhuisje in de tuin met krijtbord en zandbak - Karwei