light carpet

diy-area-rug-led-floor-lamp-bright-white-carpet-light Crochet around rope lights

Living room design ideas - in pictures

Living room design ideas - in pictures

Benoit-Jamin-and-Isabelle-Puech-Parisian-Loft *love library & spiral staircase [maybe not lower bookcase; but have upper level reading nook]

fairy lights

string light wall-could do down the hallway - this will be PERFECT for my new apartment!

Neon Boneyard (5)

Huge discarded neon signs in Las Vegas

A typographic junkyard or jackpot? This place - the Las Vegas Neon Museum - will leave any design-nut breathless. The Las Vegas Neon Museum is a collection of over 150 retired neon signs that once added to the glitz of that infamous city in the.


Roman Heads - Timney Fowler Wallpapers - A black and white motif design showing neo-classical roman heads in different scales. Please ask for sample for true colour match and design detail.

felix the velociraptor

Vertebrata photo series by Marc Da Cunha Lopes

Photo Manipulations and Digital Art by Marc Da Cunha Lopes: Vertebrata

wine crates

Storage ideas for small rooms Living in an apartment or small room, space is important and keeping things organized while pleasing to the eye can.Here are around 20 ideas that could take your storage.


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