#PartyLite Our Story: Part Two

PartyLite Our Story: Part Two Mabel Baker's love of crafting candles in the early led to a multimillion-dollar business in

#PartyLite Our Story: Part 3

In a forward-thinking team on Mabel Baker's staff had a new idea inspired by her example: What if more people could become successful entrepreneurs lik.

#PartyLite Our Story: Part Four

PartyLite grows through a new kind of entrepreneur, candle Consultants, and by joining the Blyth family of companies.

#PartyLite Our Story: Part Five

After entering the direct selling world in PartyLite began lighting up homes and and entrepreneurial careers in all 50 U. In PartyLite .

#PartyLite Our Story: Part One

Our Story: Part One Earn for free by selling to a few of your friends and family ask me how!

#PartyLite Quality Product Story

Quality fragrance, forumlas and materials are combined to bring innovations and value to PartyLite customers.