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a women's gray dress with lace trims and flowers on the bottom layer
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Pretty vertical piecing of similar fabrics to make a bottom flounce with lots of style. Add to any re-styled piece to make it longer.
a black and white photo of a tattoo with birds flying around the feathers on it
Photo description not available., #Feathertattooideas # of # available # No photo description # … – My Tattoo Pins Blog
an abstract painting with flowers in the middle
Why Do People Get Tattoos?
a tattoo with birds flying around it
take these broken wings and learn to fly tattoo - Bing Images
#Disney #Maleficent
#Disney #Maleficent
the maleficent character from disney's maleficent is holding a green ball
MALEFICENT - Tiên hắc ám
MALEFICENT Trailer 2014