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a wall clock made to look like a woman with a fire extinguisher
The Beach House I’m Staying In Turned Their Fire Extinguisher Into A Decoration
three different types of beer bottle caps on a wall
Cheap and Simple Bottle Cap Magnets!
Extra bottle caps lying around? Need a quick way to display 'em? Just need a few more fridge magnets? A quick, cheap, and simple way to turn your extra bottle caps into simple yet cool fridge magnets. Plus graphic designer in my loves the variety, color, and visual dynamic that a few bottle caps on a fridge can create.
a person wearing rain boots with text overlay that reads 33 ingenious ways spray paint can transform your stuff
33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive
33 Ways Spray Paint Can Make Your Stuff Look More Expensive
the cover of 21 super thoughtful gifts for when you're broke, with pictures and candles
21 Last-Minute Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful
21 Last-Minute Gifts That Are Actually Thoughtful
a wooden shelf filled with jars and jams on top of a floor next to a wall
Canning Cupboard
canning cupboard made from recycled pallets, homesteading, pallet, shelving ideas, woodworking projects, Canning Pantry holds over 200 quarts and pints of canned goods from our garden
an image of a store shelf with food items on it and the caption reads, install wire shelving upside down & angled to keep cans organized
Install shelving upside down for cans #organization #pantry
an organized pantry with canned food in the bottom, canned food in the bottom and canned foods in the bottom
Space Savvy DIY Rotating Canned Food System: 6 Advantages
This Rotating Canned Food System Utilizes Maximum Food Storage Capacity in a Very Limited Space
the instructions for how to use mason jars with labels on them are easy and fun
Packing Tape Image Transfer & DIY Clear Labels
Make clear stickers using an easy packing tape image transfer method. Great for pantry labels, gift tags, custom designs on glass, wood or metal objects!
there are many different pictures with the words clever charging stations
Clever DIY Charging Station Projects • OhMeOhMy Blog
DIY Clever Charging Stations! • Try these do it yourself clever charging station projects so the whole family can not only keep track of their tech in a central place, but keep everything ready to go, all charged up! Just another modern day organization s
several necklaces are hanging on the wall next to two wooden shelves with glass beads
Wood with hooks and rods, so pretty, simple and cheap. Love it
a man is painting the side of a car
How to Make a Door Bumper with a Pool Noodle - Today's Homeowner
Joe is a huge fan of repurposed pool noodles, and now he's saving paint off the garage walls and car doors!
a white cabinet filled with lots of jewelry
jewelry organization in closet
link doesn't seem to work, but I love these sliding panels for necklaces. jewelry organization in closet - Google Search
an image of a closet with clothes hanging on the shelves and other items in it
Closets Archives
Ideal dimensions of a reach-in closet. | Illustration: Eric Larsen |
an image of a woman painting on the wall with her hands in front of it
This is one f the best Jewellery holder i ve ever seen Diy Jewellery holder
a white towel with red stripes on it
The Best 79¢ You’re Going to Spend on Your Home This Year
The Best 79¢ You're Going to Spend on Your Home This Year
the words idye for natural and poly fabrics - quick and easy
iDye for Natural and Poly Fabrics
iDye for Natural and Poly Fabrics - Quick and Easy!
WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer Bullet Journal How To Start A, Planner Bullet Journal, How To Bullet Journal, Bullet Journal Planner, Diary Planner, Planner Ideas, Getting Organized, Bullet Journaling
WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer
WTF Is A Bullet Journal And Why Should You Start One? An Explainer
a lamp that is on top of a table next to a light switch and socket
A galvanized steel pipe desk lamp that is simple, yet refined, and embodies both the essence and practicality of industrial design. Both the light fixture and the receptacle function independently of
a red hook on the side of a wall next to a gray wall with a black background
there are two metal objects hanging on the wall
project reveal: construction office lobby
WALL ART - frame detail - looks like sheet metal, aluminum sheet and glass. I wonder what the screws are?
an old dresser has been transformed into a diy sideboard
How to Easily Hang a Picture
The absolute BEST way to hang a picture perfectly straight every single time!!
there are many different types of tools hanging on the wall
The 11 Best Organizing Hacks | The Eleven Best
Use PVC to organize your garage tools. So smart
an outdoor table and chairs with text overlay that says diy projects to make your backyard awesome
15 Easy DIY Outdoor Projects to Make Your Backyard Awesome
15 Easy DIY Projects to Make Your Backyard Awesome • A great roundup that has tons of Ideas and Tutorials for you!
Use upcycled sweaters to make a unique version of this $2795!!)  ShopBazaar Chloe Patchwork Poncho MAIN Clothes, Fresh, Ponchos, Outfits, Upcycle Sweater, Coats For Women, Outerwear, Coat
Use upcycled sweaters to make a unique version of this $2795!!) ShopBazaar Chloe Patchwork Poncho MAIN
a wooden pallet filled with lots of flowers next to a garden wall covered in plants
30 DIY Pallet Garden Ideas | Vertical Pallet Herb Garden
Pallet Garden - Landscaping with Pallets | Pallet Furniture Plans
the best places to find amazing wallpaper for your home and office in this article
Best Places to Buy Amazing Wallpaper
Amazing Places to Buy Wallpaper. Great ideas for the most unique and trendy wallpaper for your home decor.
an advertisement for a cord wrapper with two images of the same product on it
Make custom cord wraps out of synthetic wine corks and old bungee cords
two rolls of toilet paper are hanging on the wall
DIY Garbage Bag Storage
Put trash Bags on a roll for easy use. Perfect for your garage or utility room.
David's Pedal Powered Prime Mover
You have to see it to believe it: Generate Electricity from a workout bike. Yes.
the diagram shows how to build a house with an advanced low - tech design and features
Onil Stoves
The Onil Stove. Better than a 3 stone fire for sure! It seems quick and easy to put together.
a rusted metal tank sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a brick wall
5 Types of Rainwater Tank
Five Types of Rainwater Tank - Open Permaculture - Permaculture Design Course
a camera attached to a metal barrel in the middle of a green field with cars behind it
How To Build A Tin Can WiFi Antenna For $5
Cantenna. How to build a tin can wifi antenna for $5
there are many bikes that are on the wall in this garage and it's organized
Creative DIY Bike Storage Racks • OhMeOhMy Blog
Creative Bike Storage • A round-up of the best bike storage we could find with many tutorials!
there are many barrels lined up on the side of a building with text overlay that reads, 100 - year - old way to filter rainwater in a barrel
Off-Grid Water Systems: 8 Viable Solutions to Bring Water to Your Homestead
100-Year-Old Way to Filter Rainwater in a Barrel. If you want filtered water right from a rain barrel this is for you. This 100 year old tip is a classic
a black and white photo wall is shown
Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style • OhMeOhMy Blog
Create a DIY Photo Gallery with Style • Lots of Ideas & Tutorials! Including these placement ideas from live, love diy.
there are many different types of televisions on this shelf
waxed paper as intermediary medium for transferring an ink image