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a black and white drawing of a boat in the water next to a dock with two poles
Richter Spielgerate Sailing Boat | Timberplay
a wooden swing set with ladders on the grass in front of a fenced area
children's outdoor play area ideas
backyard climbing wall
a wooden bench sitting on top of a lush green field with chains hanging from it's sides
Wobble Board | solid wooden agility equipment for schools
Wobble Board | wooden agility equipment for schools | Caledonia Play UK
the technical drawing shows how to draw an object
Richter Spielgerate Sailing Boat | Timberplay
three girls are playing on a pirate ship in the sand at the beach while another girl watches
Richter Spielgerate Sailing Boat | Timberplay
three different views of the same planter with water coming out of it, and one showing
Home made toddler water table. Two separate tables, linked by chute. Pump in sump basin under short table recirculates water to 3-way valve on side of tall table. Kids can select fountain mode or waterfall by turning handle. Cost about $125 in materials. Table bases are made from 2x4's cut like lincoln logs. So, for winter storage, we can disassamble and stack in a smaller storage area.
two children are playing with water in the backyard garden area, while another child watches
Waterspeelplaats met pomp en betonnen schalen
a small wooden structure made out of branches
eco friendly playground
an outdoor play area made out of logs
three children are riding on green plastic dinosaurs in the woods
17 geniala sätt att återbruka gamla däck i trädgården
Tube can swing and crawl thru Paisajes, Kids Playing, Playground, Outdoor Kids
Tube can swing and crawl thru
two children playing on an obstacle made out of old tires and tire rims, with the caption save from them
two children playing in a large spider web at the park with trees and bushes behind them
Yard toy
an image of a playground with tires on the bottom and one tire in the middle
there are many pencils and tires in the grass near some poles that have been made out of them
idea for the lower plaza tire structure, but not the pencils..
a pink and blue toy car sitting on top of a playground
children's playground equipment in the shape of a log with wheels and seats on it
the diagram shows how to hang a tire on a tree branch with chains and hooks
Build a tire swing!
Build a tire swing!
there is a climbing wall made out of wood and colorful plastic toys on the ground
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a child's play area with colorful tiles and numbers on the ground in front of it
Hopscotch for the party. Use tape on the floor