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four children's drawings on paper with colored lines
7 Habits/Leader in Me art lesson (2nd Grade) "Carry Your Own Weather"
a blue bird holding an umbrella in the rain
Blue Bird in the Rain Clip Art - Blue Bird in the Rain Image
Blue Bird in the Rain
an art print with different colored drops on it
Desert Dreamer
wildsunshine: society6.com/product/Colorful-rain_Print
an image of colorful umbrellas with rain drops on them in the sky and yellow background
Home - Fabricworm - Fabricworm
Rae Hoekstra, Small World, Singin’ in the Rain
a blue poster with an image of a cloud and many different types of raindrops
Doris Freigofas | GOLDEN COSMOS
bon voyage! Cloud Illustration by Doris Freigofas
a pattern with raindrops and clouds on a gray background for wallpaper or fabric
Tracy Cundiff - "Rain, Rain, DON'T Go Away" copyright 2011
colorful umbrellas with polka dots on them are shown in this seamless pattern design
DESIGN STUDIO - pattern point
print & pattern: DESIGN STUDIO - pattern point
two birds are holding umbrellas over their heads while walking in the rain on a tree branch
sandra isaksson
Sandra Isaksson
a yellow background with blue and white umbrellas on the same color as they appear
DESIGNER - wendy brightbill
print & pattern: DESIGNER - wendy brightbill