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High resolution of 1920 x 1080 DLP® chip

NEC Projector PE401H: Projector Lineup

NEC Display Solutions Projector PE401H

All Wheatstone products, like the Dimension Three console, include control features that can be shared with other IP connection points. Console, Connection, Audio, Technology, Products, Tech, Tecnologia, Consoles, Beauty Products

Wheatstone Offers Careful Migration To Audio Over IP - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast

Virtually everyone agrees the transition from baseband SDI to an Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure will bring new benefits in flexibility while enabling tight metadata-enabled control of devices. The question then becomes how best to get there.

Noted audio engineer for The Doors, Bruce Botnick, relies on three JBL Master Reference Monitors in his studio. Audio Engineer, Loudspeaker, Engineering, Technology, Studio, Doors, Design, Outfits, Tall Clothing

Loudspeaker Technology Part 2: The Time Domain and Human Hearing - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast

In this second part of his loudspeaker series, John Watkinson considers the importance of the time domain to human hearing.

Audio professionals seek the highest quality possible when selecting speaker systems. Speaker System, Loudspeaker, Speakers, Finland, Audio, Technology, Image, Tech, Music Speakers

Loudspeaker Technology: Part 1 - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast

In this new series, John Watkinson discusses loudspeakers from several aspects including; how they work, the way they are perceived by the listener, the psychoacoustics of speakers. We’ll conclude this multi-part series by considering the psychology of selling and owning them. As with any technology, myths abound. If, in this series, the opportunity arises to dynamite a few, then so be it.

Magewell Ships Highly-Anticipated USB Video Capture Devices and Enhances Software Tools - Learn More about this amazing device on The Notice Centre Video Capture, Software, Usb, Technology, Tools, Centre, Ships, Amazing, Tech

Magewell Ships 4K USB Video Capture, Enhances Software Tools for IBC 2017 - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast

Magewell has announced they have shipped two powerful 4K USB Capture Plus devices to be featured alongside other Magewell innovations at IBC 2017. Complementing the release of the new hardware, Magewell has also introduced an expanded SDK for third-party developers and an update to the free USB Capture Utility for end-users.

Preparing Videos for YouTube Distribution - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast Technology Tools, Educational Technology, Personal Portfolio, Connection, Wordpress, How To Apply, Teacher, Words, Videos

Preparing Videos for YouTube Distribution - The Broadcast Bridge - Connecting IT to Broadcast

Not so many years ago, distribution was the most difficult part of the video-making process. Sure one could create a video, but who would see it? In those days, only a handful of television networks could show a video. Distribution was everything. YouTube changed all that.

Jeffrey Karp in his MIT lab in Massachusetts. Medical Technology, Massachusetts, Lab, Medicine, Science, Reading, News, Inspiration, Biblical Inspiration

Inspired by nature: the thrilling new science that could transform medicine | Laura Parker

The Long Read: Jeffrey Karp is at the forefront of a new generation of scientists using nature’s blueprints to create breakthrough medical technologies. Can bioinspiration help to solve some of humanity’s most urgent problems?